The MD Codes Tour leg for the Asia Sub Region happened at the Korean University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea last July 17-21, 2019. Over 400 doctors from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia attended this prestigious event. Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a plastic surgeon from Brazil, discussed and trained these healthcare professionals on the latest curriculum of the MD Codes.
In 2010, world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio introduced a new concept to the field of aesthetic medicine – the 8-point face lift. Designed as an injectable alternative to the surgical facelift, the 8-point lift was the first time that a precise sequence and pattern of injection points had been presented to achieve a specific aesthetic result. The success of this new approach led to the launch in 2015 of the MD Codes, a complete set of simple and effective injection patterns that bring greater sophistication to aesthetic treatment plans.
Historically, aesthetic injections have been used to treat individual ‘problem areas’ in isolation, such as wrinkles around the eyes, but this approach does not take into account the effect that treating one part of the face has on the appearance of another. This is important as it can determine how natural-looking the results are. The MD Codes allow injectors to take a more strategic approach to injection, optimising facial features in a simple and effective way.

In conjunction with the Allergan Medical Institute® (AMI), every year Dr Mauricio de Maio travels around the world with the MD Codes Tour, training thousands of aesthetic injectors with his innovative, ground-breaking medical education programs.

If you are interested to learn more about the MD Codes, use the locator below to find a clinic near you and ask your aesthetics practitioner about a consultation.